Now Accepting Nominations for 2017 Awards!

CPS is pleased to welcome nominations for seven awards in 2017: Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award Excellence in Innovation Award Generation Rx Award Pharmacist of the Year Award Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award Student Pharmacist of the Year Award Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award (New in 2017!) The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, January […]

Prescription Labeling Requirements – Central Fill Prescriptions (Rule 8.00.00 and Rule 20.00.80)

Reason for New Rule: The rule changes clarify which addresses shall appear on the prescription label in cases of where a prescription is originally filled at a central fill location. New Rule Language: 8.00.00 Advertising 8.00.10 Labels.  At least one address shall appear on a prescription label and that shall include the address of the […]

Pharmacy Manager Reporting Requirements Relating to Loss of Prescription Drugs or Controlled Substances (Rule 7.00.10)

Reason for New Rule: The rule change clarifies what constitutes a significant loss of prescription drugs or controlled substances and the time frame in which the loss should be reported to the Board. New Rule Language: 7.00.10 Reporting Violations.  The pharmacist manager of a prescription drug outlet shall report to the Board, in writing, within […]

Space Requirements – Satellite Pharmacies (Rule 5.01.31) & Hospital Satellite Pharmacy – Definitions and Requirements (Rule 27.00.00)

Reason for New Rule: The purpose of the amendments to the Board Rule 5.01.31 is to express requirement for a pharmacy satellite used solely for drug storage and to specify certain conditions and limitations to such satellites. New Rule Language: New rule language can be found on pages 38-41 (Rule 5.01.31) and 174-179 (Rule 27.00.00) […]

Next Week is National Influenza Vaccination Week!

National Influenza Vaccination Week is next week, December 4-10, 2016! Join CDC’s efforts to #FightFlu and encourage flu vaccination by participating in @CDCFlu’s movie Twitter Hashtag Challenge, asking a question during CDC’s Reddit Science AMA, participating in the CDC flu Blog-A-Thon, and sharing #FightFlu messages on various channels. Download the 2016 NIVW Toolkit Or find a […]

New Dates Announced! Upcoming OSHA Training Webinar

If you are a pharmacist providing immunizations or CLIA-waived testing services, or a pharmacy technician or other health care professional assisting with these services, you must have live OSHA training on bloodborne pathogens every year or face fines of up to $90,000. The Colorado Pharmacists Society, in partnership with the Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education […]

2016 Colorado Election Results

House Democrats Speaker election turned out as planned but Majority Leader saw a strong contest from 3 candidates. Speaker of the House: Crisanta Duran, HD 5 – Denver Majority Leader: KC Becker, HD 13 – Boulder Faith Winter and Mike Foote were also nominated Assistant Majority Leader: Alec Garnett, HD 2 – Denver Majority Caucus […]

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee (Rule 28.00.00)

Reason for New Rule: This entire new section of Board rules implements SB 16-062, which creates an advisory committee to advise the Board on matters concerning veterinary pharmaceuticals. SB 16-062 passed the Colorado legislature in May 2016 in response to concerns over excess restrictions relative to veterinary medications and their availability. New Rule Language: 28.00.10 […]

Casual Sale/Distribution of Compounded Products (Rule 21.00.20)

Reason for New Rule: These rules and rule changes allow for the implementation of HB 16-1324, which allows in-state or nonresident pharmacies to distribute compounded products to Colorado-based veterinarians for office use. New Rule Language: 21.00.20 Casual Sales/Distribution of Compounded Products d. A nonresident prescription drug outlet may distribute and compounded product to a Colorado-licensed […]

Reporting to the Board Name and e-Mail Changes (Rule 4.05.00)

Reason for New Rule: The purpose of the new rule updates language around name changes for a licensee, adds a new requirement to notify the Board of a change in email address within 30 days, and eliminates the need to notify the Board of a change in employment.  The majority of communication from the Board […]