Drug Therapy Management

Special Medicaid Population Prescription Drug Consumer Information and Technical Assistance Program

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (the Department) has developed an exciting new program to reimburse pharmacists for their cognitive services in the therapeutic management of Medicaid clients. Through this program, pharmacists will be able to meet with clients and provide a thorough screening for drug-drug interactions, drug-OTC/supplement interactions, drug duplication, and issues related to the client seeing multiple prescribers. The pharmacist will then present any recommendations for changes in therapy to the Department.  The Department will then distribute the recommendations to the clients, physicians, and other prescribers.  The pharmacist will receive $150 for face to face consultations and $90 for over the phone consultations.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact January Montano at January.montano@state.co.us.

The Department has developed a program participation packet of materials (updated February 2016) for pharmacists and the links for those appear below:

The Department believes that the pharmacist can help make this a more effective consultation through the face-to-face meeting with the client because the pharmacist will be able to obtain more comprehensive information about the medications that the client takes. The pharmacist may determine the location of this meeting. This is a great opportunity to help Medicaid clients obtain better health outcomes.

The Department is looking for pharmacists to assist the Department in providing these kinds of services to Medicaid clients.  If you are a pharmacist and interested in participating in this program click this link.

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