Proposition 106 FAQs

Proposition 106: Colorado End of Life Options Act  FAQs for Pharmacists What is Proposition 106? Proposition 106, the “Colorado End-of-Life Options Act,” was passed by 64% of Colorado voters in the November 2016 election and signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper on December 16.  The act allows individuals with a terminal illness with less than six […]

Clarification of Currency of CPR Certificate in Regard to Vaccine Administration (Rule 19.01.10)

Reason for New Rule: In some instances, CPR certificates include an issue date, but do not list an expiration date.  This rule clarifies that a CPR certificate is only current for a period of two years. New Rule Language: 19.01.10. b. (2) The pharmacist or pharmacy intern holds a current basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification […]

Prescription Labeling Requirements – Central Fill Prescriptions (Rule 8.00.00 and Rule 20.00.80)

Reason for New Rule: The rule changes clarify which addresses shall appear on the prescription label in cases of where a prescription is originally filled at a central fill location. New Rule Language: 8.00.00 Advertising 8.00.10 Labels.  At least one address shall appear on a prescription label and that shall include the address of the […]

Pharmacy Manager Reporting Requirements Relating to Loss of Prescription Drugs or Controlled Substances (Rule 7.00.10)

Reason for New Rule: The rule change clarifies what constitutes a significant loss of prescription drugs or controlled substances and the time frame in which the loss should be reported to the Board. New Rule Language: 7.00.10 Reporting Violations.  The pharmacist manager of a prescription drug outlet shall report to the Board, in writing, within […]

Space Requirements – Satellite Pharmacies (Rule 5.01.31) & Hospital Satellite Pharmacy – Definitions and Requirements (Rule 27.00.00)

Reason for New Rule: The purpose of the amendments to the Board Rule 5.01.31 is to express requirement for a pharmacy satellite used solely for drug storage and to specify certain conditions and limitations to such satellites. New Rule Language: New rule language can be found on pages 38-41 (Rule 5.01.31) and 174-179 (Rule 27.00.00) […]

2016 Colorado Election Results

House Democrats Speaker election turned out as planned but Majority Leader saw a strong contest from 3 candidates. Speaker of the House: Crisanta Duran, HD 5 – Denver Majority Leader: KC Becker, HD 13 – Boulder Faith Winter and Mike Foote were also nominated Assistant Majority Leader: Alec Garnett, HD 2 – Denver Majority Caucus […]

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee (Rule 28.00.00)

Reason for New Rule: This entire new section of Board rules implements SB 16-062, which creates an advisory committee to advise the Board on matters concerning veterinary pharmaceuticals. SB 16-062 passed the Colorado legislature in May 2016 in response to concerns over excess restrictions relative to veterinary medications and their availability. New Rule Language: 28.00.10 […]

Casual Sale/Distribution of Compounded Products (Rule 21.00.20)

Reason for New Rule: These rules and rule changes allow for the implementation of HB 16-1324, which allows in-state or nonresident pharmacies to distribute compounded products to Colorado-based veterinarians for office use. New Rule Language: 21.00.20 Casual Sales/Distribution of Compounded Products d. A nonresident prescription drug outlet may distribute and compounded product to a Colorado-licensed […]

Reporting to the Board Name and e-Mail Changes (Rule 4.05.00)

Reason for New Rule: The purpose of the new rule updates language around name changes for a licensee, adds a new requirement to notify the Board of a change in email address within 30 days, and eliminates the need to notify the Board of a change in employment.  The majority of communication from the Board […]