Space Requirements – Satellite Pharmacies (Rule 5.01.31) & Hospital Satellite Pharmacy – Definitions and Requirements (Rule 27.00.00)

Reason for New Rule:

The purpose of the amendments to the Board Rule 5.01.31 is to express requirement for a pharmacy satellite used solely for drug storage and to specify certain conditions and limitations to such satellites.

New Rule Language:

New rule language can be found on pages 38-41 (Rule 5.01.31) and 174-179 (Rule 27.00.00) of the following link:

Implications for Pharmacies:

Pharmacies will now be allowed satellite locations for drug storage. The requirements for drug storage satellites will follow that of existing rules pertaining to compounding/dispensing satellites. In addition, every satellite location(s) used for the sole purpose of storing prescription drugs or controlled substances, there must be at least 24 inches of free floor space between shelving and rows, and at least 30 inches of free floor space behind any counters (if counters are available). The temperature of satellite location(s) must be electronically monitored daily. In addition to existing rules the “21 Code of Federal Regulation (“CFR”) Part 1300 to End” must be accessible and readily available in the “professional reference library” of the prescription drug outlet. Hospital Satellite Pharmacies (“HSP”) or drug storage satellites at the same location must submit documentation before moving to another location or remodeling the satellite area.

Effective Date:


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