Prescription Labeling Requirements – Central Fill Prescriptions (Rule 8.00.00 and Rule 20.00.80)

Reason for New Rule:

The rule changes clarify which addresses shall appear on the prescription label in cases of where a prescription is originally filled at a central fill location.

New Rule Language:

8.00.00 Advertising

8.00.10 Labels.  At least one address shall appear on a prescription label and that shall include the address of the prescription drug outlet from which the prescription was dispensed.  In the case of a central fill prescription processing contract, the label shall contain at least the name and address of the originating and/or fulfillment pharmacy.

20.00.80 Prescription Labeling

  1. Prescriptions shall be labeled with all information required by CRS 12-42.5-121. In addition, the following shall be included on the label of any prescription dispensed via central processing:
  2. The name and address of the originating and/or fulfillment pharmacy involved in the dispensing; and
  3. The telephone number of the pharmacy that the patient or caregiver should contact regarding refills or questions about the prescription.

Implications for Pharmacies:

Pharmacies using other locations to process prescriptions should make sure their labeling is consistent with the new rule language.

Effective Date:


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